MultiPass - Never carry a card again!

MultiPass is a system designed to replace contactless cards with implantable chips. It is comprised of a range of rewritable implantable contactless chips which can be used access most RFID control systems. If you know the type of implant you need, simply select it from the list below, pay securely online and have your implant shipped to you within days. If you are unsure which implant is right for you, use our interactive tool to find the best implant for your needs. For details of’s high quality assurances and excellent safety record, see our quality assurance page.

The CyberPunk range of products includes exactly what you think it does!

Need to do some DIY surgery? We've got the tools you’ll need. Old fashioned tattoos not cutting it at the rave any more? How about new glow in the dark implants? Trying to discreetly carry data across a border? We got the mill grade encrypted implants to make it happen. Want to upgrade your body with the latest augmentations hot off the streets of ShenZhen? This is the place to find them. CyberPunkMe includes all the weird and wonderful implants that make this cyberpunk future so awesome.

Take the next step. Be part of the future. Be more than human. Be the best you possible.

The TransHuman range of implants aim to improve your abilities beyond their natural limits. Add a 6th magnetic sense. Interface your nervous system with a computer. Implant body armour for increased protection. There are no more limitations when we embrace the possibilities.

Why only check your body at the doctor's? What if you could monitor your body in real time, all the time! The BioMedMe range of implants makes monitoring your biological data simple. Checking your heart rate while exercising at the gym is as simple as checking your phone. Or monitor your blood oxygen content while hiking. Or viewing your temperature when you have a fever. Implanted sensors can help you monitor a wide range of biomedical data without having to carry cumbersome monitoring equipment.