BioMedTemperature - Implantable temperature sensor


An implantable microchip which can read body temperature and transmit it to a reader, operates at 134.2khz.

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This is an implantable RFID microchip, but unlike normal RFID chips, this has an onboard temperature sensor, it operates at 134.2khz, and conforms to the FDX-B RFID standard. The ID of the chip can be read by all normal pet readers, but in order to read the temperature, a special type of reader is needed, for details please read this page. It comes pre-coded with a unique ID number that cannot be changed. This type of chip is often used for pet identification and animal health monitoring.

It should be noted that the injector for this chip is not as nice as our other chips, it still works ok, but will be slightly harder to use.


  • One 2x12mm temperature sensing RFID chip, pre-loaded into injector needle. pre-sterilized.
  • Standard injection prep kit (for details of the prep kit, see here.)


This chip comes packaged pre-sterilized in an injector. The metal needle can make it difficult to read the chip without removing it from the needle, which would contaminate it. Every chip was manually read to make it they works before being loaded into the injector and sterilized (read test, no write test because this chip is read only).


While this chip has been approved for use in animals, it has not been officially tested in humans. 

This product contains potentially dangerous things, make sure you understand their proper usage and the risks before using them. 


Lab Results

Independent lab testing has been conducted to verify that these chips/injectors are sterile, you can download the report below.

Download (45.06k)