MultipassCloner - HID/EM4 card cloner


A hand held cloner for copying HID and EM4 cards to rewritable implants.

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This device is intended as a simple solution for cloning existing RFID cards to our re-writable implants. In the past people have used devices such as the proxmark3 to clone cards, but using a proxmark is very expensive and rather complicated, this devices overcomes those issues by being much cheaper and easier to use.

It allows copying of HID and EM4X chards, two of the most common access cards used. It does not support Indala cards, or other formats.


  • Card Copier
  • One blank card for testing


  1. Insert 2 AAA batteries (not supplied)
  2. Move the power switch to the "on" position. At this point, the red power light should be on, and the device will beep once.
  3. Place the card to be copied under the antenna and press the "Read" button. If the card was successfully read, the device will beep twice and the green read light will flash twice
  4. Place the cloner against the implant and press the "Write button". No response is expected from the cloner.
  5. Check to see if the implant has been cloned successfully. Because of the poor read range of implants, it is sometimes necessary to perform step 4 multiple times before the implants is cloned.

As already stated, this device only works with some card types. You should verify your card is supported before ordering this device. As a general rule of thumb, if your card has "HID" or "EM4" printed on it, it will probably work. If it has iClass, Indala, Mifare, DESFire or UHF printed on it, it probably won't work.

Be aware before using this cloner on an implant, it sets a password on the chip after cloning, making the chip only writable by devices which use the same password. This is not a problem if you intend to keep using the same type of cloner, but it is a problem if you want to use another device to write the chip. However, there is a work around, the password can be reset to allow writing with any other device again, in order to do so, you need a proxmark3 or similar device. The password set by the cloner is 51243648, use this when writing to the chip with another device after cloning.