Firefly Tattoo - Yellow


An implantable subdermal light - Yellow.

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This product is on sale because it is about the replaced with the Firefly version 2, this product is only available while stocks last.  

Yellow Firefly Tattoos are dimmer than green ones, while still noticeable they are not as eye catching as the green version. We recommend people start out with a green version to get an idea of how it looks and only add a yellow one later if they want to add more variety. This sub-dermal lighting implant does not need to be recharged and will continue to operate continually for many years.

For a more detailed information about this implant, please see the blog post located here.


  • One 3x18mm Firefly Tattoo implant, pre-loaded into injector needle, pre-sterilized.
  • Standard injection prep kit (for details of the prep kit, see here.)


This product contains Tritium, it should not be opened. 

This product contains potentially dangerous things, make sure you understand their proper usage and the risks before using them.

Note: This implant uses's patented coating technology