MultipassMifare - Implantable chip with changeable UID


An implantable chip which allows emulating Mifare Classic* microchips with "magic" chinese backdoor allowing changing of the UID.

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This is an implantable chip which conforms to the protocol used by Mifare Classic* microchips, it operates at 13.56 MHz, and partially conforms to the NFC standard. This chip can be read by many smart phones and other NFC readers. It has 1k byte of re-writeable memory. This type of chip is used for a wide range of applications including unlocking phones and copying building access cards. This chip can be used to fully clone Mifare Classic* cards.

While this chip generally behaves like ordinary Mifare Classic* chips, it has a non-standard feature which lets the normally hard coded UID be changed. Because of weaknesses in Mifare Classic* cryptography, it is possible to hack the data keys on all Mifare Classic* cards. Between the ability to hack and read all data on an existing card, and the ability of this card to have it's UID changed, it is possible to fully clone another card to this implant. The process of card cloning is technically complex, we stock the MypassMultiCloner, a device which fully automates the cloning process.


  • One 3x18mm UID changeable chip, pre-loaded into sterilized injector needle.
  • Standard injection prep kit (for details of the prep kit, see here.)


This chip comes packaged pre-sterilized in an injector. The metal needle can make it difficult to read the chip without removing it from the needle, which would contaminate it. Every chip was manually read and written to make it they works before being loaded into the injector and sterilized (read test and write tests).


This chip has been has not been officially tested in humans. 

This product is potentially dangerous if used incorrectly, make sure you understand it's proper usage and the risks before use.

* "Mifare" and "Mifare Classic" are registered trademarks for a particular type of RFID chip made my NXP. This chip is not made by NXP and is not a Mifare chip, it simply emulates the same protocol and can therefore be used in the same applications as official chips.