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The MultiCloner is an advanced RFID/NFC reader and writer. The MultiCloner supports cloning a wide array of contactless cards to implanted chips.

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The MultiCloner is marked as out of stock because it will soon be replaced with a cheaper/simpler copier, which supports more all the same cards + iClass and HiTag cards.

The MultiCloner supports a far wider range of cards than other available cloners, such as our HID cloner. The following cards can be cloned using this device:

  • EM4X
  • HID prox
  • Indala
  • GuardAll
  • Jablotron
  • Noralsy
  • Visa2000
  • Pyramid
  • Viking
  • Awid
  • FDX
  • Mifare Classic
  • Mifare Ultralight

The MultiCloner has a simple touch screen based user interface. Simply scan the card and the MultiCloner will extract the card ID and data contents, even if the card is password protected, the MultiCloner can bypass the password*. Once the MultiCloner has read the card data, place the antenna near the implant and click the clone button.

The MultiCloner has a sleek white finish, it is powered with a standard USB cable (included). The RFID/NFC antenna is located at the end of a highly flexible cable making it easy to place near an implant. The Low Frequency and High Frequency antennas have been tuned for use with implanted chips, make reading writing of implants much eaiser than readers designed for RFID cards.

For advanced users, the MultiCloner includes the following features: Wifi. Saving and reloading of saved card data. Editing of scanned card data. Web interface for using the MultiCloner with a smartphone/computer. Software update functionality - support for more card types will be added in the future.

It can also read the temperature sensor chips and data from our NFC chips. The MultiCloner can remove the password set by cheap handheld cloners, making the chip fully rewritable again.

Comes with padded hard case for protection of the MultiCloner.

This is the first release of this device, if you encounter any bugs, please let me know and I will release a software update to fix the issue.

Note that you will need the appropriate implant in order to write the coped card.

The MultiCloner is designed only to clone cards to’s implantable chips. Chips from other sources are less stable, they will likely not work, and the chip may even be corrupted by attempting to clone to it. Use the MultiClone only with Cyberise.Me offical chips.

*The MultiCloner is able to break the encryption on Mifare Classic cards, but not Mifare Ultralight.

The MultiCloner supports a wide range of RFID cards, however some cards cannot be cloned, e.g. the MultiCloner can't copy DESFire or iClass cards at this time.

The MultiCloner is part of's MultiPass™ implant system.