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MultiPassSecure - coming soon!


Implantable DESFire secure NFC chip.

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US $99.00

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World's first secure injectable NFC chip. Unlike all other implantable NFC and RFID chips, the  MultiPassSecure uses the DESFire microchip, providing high grade encryption and advanced authentication controls.

This implant is not only the most secure, it also boasts the largest data storage size. At 8 kilobytes, it allows storing many times the data of other NFC implants. The chip allows users to define their own files which can be read/written/deleted.


  • One 3x21mm MultiPassSecure implant, pre-loaded into injector needle, pre-sterilized.
  • Standard injection prep kit (for details of the prep kit, see here.)


This product contains potentially dangerous things, make sure you understand their proper usage and the risks before using them.