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Basic Magnet Implant Kit v2


All of the essential tools needed for subcutaneous insertion of magnetic implants.

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This kit contains the essential tools for implantation of a magnet or other similar minor procedures. Contents are sterilized prior to shipping. The kit is appropriate for use with any of the leading implantable magnets such as the M31 or Haworth. Many of the tools contained within can be sterilized and refill kits for disposable contents are available.

This is version 2 of our magnet implant kit, we have improved the contents, notably the new kit includes a special Finger Tourniquet device.


  • Plastic Overwrap
  • Scalpels (x2)
  • Finger Tourniquet
  • Sutures
  • Chlorhex Swabs
  • Plastic Forceps
  • Self-adhering bandage (Coban)
  • Laceration Tray with:
    • Sterile towel
    • Gauze
    • Fenestrated drape
    • Adson Forceps
    • Iris Scissors
    • Mosquito Forceps
    • Medicine cups

This is just the kit with tools and supplies needed to perform the implantation proceedure, it doesn't include a magnet.


This kit is intended for use by experienced practitioners and body mod artists. Please check local laws and ordinances prior to ordering. This product contains potentially dangerous things, make sure you understand their proper usage and the risks before using them.