Cyberise uses a shipping warehouse to manage shipping orders. The shipping process is fully automated. When you place your order you will immediately receive an email confirming your order and giving you an order reference. It normally takes two working days to ship an order after payment is confirmed. Once the order is shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking link for your order.

Shipping time depends on your location. All orders are shipped from the USA, addresses in major US cities can arrive in as little as 2 days, and most US areas take less than a week to arrive. International orders, i.e. those outside the US may take longer, most orders arrive in 1-2 weeks for international locations, but shipping time may be longer, particularly if customs taxes need to be payed. The customer is responsible for arranging import taxes and making sure they are legally allowed to import the items.

We can and do regularly ship to customers all over the world. The US/Canada, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania are all covered.

Within the US orders are shipped with USPS, orders to other countries are shipped with Asendia, which handles the international shipping and then passes the package to your local postal service for final delivery.

Shipping costs vary depending on location. Most continental US orders cost around $7 shipping, international may cost $15 or more for remote locations. Exact shipping costs will be automatically calculated before you complete your order.


Cyberise uses custom packaging for our products to ensure products arrive safety. A total of 5 layers of packaging ensure your implant arrive unharmed and sterilized ready for use. 

The inner most layer is a certified sterilization pouch. This pouch is sealed to prevent contamination of the implant. See our quality assurance page for more details of how implants are sterilized.

The second inner most layer is another sterilization pouch, however this pouch is not sterilized, it is used to neatly contain all the preparation items needed to preform a safe implantation procedure.

The third layer is a padded bag used to protect the implant and other items from any bumps and shaking during shipping.

The forth layer is a Cyberise branded shipping box to protect the entire packaging during shipping.

Finally the warehouse will use their own outer shipping box for all items in your order.

Below is a picture of a sample implant showing the different layers of packaging:

shipping package


If you wish to cancel an order before it has been shipped, please contact us immediately. Once an order has been shipped, it is generally not possible to stop it.

Quality assurance is important for any product, but doubly so for implantable devices. Anyone implanting a device in their body needs to be sure it's safe. Aside from the testing done by Cyberise when designing and producing implants, we go to great effort to make sure implants reach customers safely. This concept of 'supply chain security' includes using a trusted storage & shipping warehouse and using safe & sturdy shipping packaging. It also means we can't accept returns of implants in order to ensure the safety of customers. Once an implant has left the warehouse, we can't be sure it's safe and hasn't been tampered with. After all, would you want an implant that someone else had returned?

Returns of non implantable products, such as RFID readers, may be possible. Contact us to discuss options.