We cannot be held liable for injury or damage caused by or through the use of products we sell.

Many of the products we sell can easily be used in unsafe ways. We recommend you only use them with professional guidance. While we may provide DIY guides for some products, these are not a recommendation that you should use the product without proper training, they are meant as a last resort to help those foolhardy enough to disregard our advice to have a professional help them.

While we do our utmost to make sure all products are safe, including sterilisation and lab testing (see specific product pages for details about what tests have been performed), there is always a small risk that your product is defective, if you do not fully accept this risk, please don't buy from us.

Some products may fall under local regulations, make sure you follow any that apply in your area.


In general we cannot accept returns. This is not out of selfishness, but for your own safety. We make sure our products are sterilized, once they have been sent to a customer, we don't know what that customer may have done with the product, so we can't be confident it is still sterile. 

If your device is defective, we will replace or refund, but you must send us back the item in question so that we can verify that it is defective. The customer must cover the cost of return shipping.