Cyberise is a small startup working on developing cutting edge human implants. Our focus is on making real implants available to people today. Science fiction shows have been full of so many amazing implants for decades, but for too long the technology has remained in the realm of fantasy. Cyberise's mission and reason for being is to make implantable technology real, and available to normal people, today, rather than waiting for others to create the future we've been promised for so long.

Cyberise is based out of Melbourne, Australia, but physical location is not particularly important to us. We have partners in the US, Europe and China. Manufacturing is done in Germany and China. Our shipping warehouse is located in the USA.


Alex Smith is the founder and CEO of Cyberise. Alex has worked in the tech world, both as a programmer and a information security consultant, for a number of years before moving into cybernetics and implantable tech. He brings excellent programming skills and a healthy dose of paranoia which helps greatly when it comes to securing Cyberse's implants.

Alex has spoken at a number of international conferences including Defcon Biohacking Village and  The Body Hacking Con.

A number of people work to research and produce Cyberise's implants under Alex's guidance.


Cyberise partners with a number of other biohacking groups to help further science and innovation.

These partners include:

Augmentation Limitless


Cyberise is able to provide interviews online, such as by Skype and telephone. In person interviews are harder because of the geographical locations Cyberise members operate from, but may be possible at annual conferences Cyberise attends. Feel free to contact us with any queries.