About us

I have been an active member of the biohack.me forum for some years, my profile is here, I also have a twitter account. After I started developing my own implants, it was suggested that I open a shop to sell them. After putting a lot of work into setting up a shop to sell one thing, it is not much more work to stock other items as well, which is why I stock a number of different implants and related biohacking products. 

While Cyberise.me is a for profit business, rather than a non-profit, I'm not doing this to spend the money on myself. I work a day job, this is just something I do in my spare time. There are two main reasons for running this shop, one is to help grow the biohacking community, I think having a wide range of biohacking supplies easily available from a trusted source will help to legitimize our community/movement. The other reason is that I want to use any money I may make from this to fund research and development of new and better implants. One of the hallmarks of biohacking is that we are DIYers operating on a shoestring budget, while I like the kind of people that attracts, it greatly limits the kind of things we can build. Having money spent on R&D would mean we can make far better devices in the future.

While this site is called and marketed as Cyberise.me, the LLC I've formed to take care of the business side of things is called Cyborg Systems Limited, you may see this name on transactions.

Finally, I hope you like our list of products, cyberise.me tries to be the best supplier of biohacking products available, if you have a problem, let me know, I'd rather lose some money by giving a free replacement than have unhappy customers. After all, I'm a biohacker with a number of implants myself, I know what it's like. And also, if you have a practical idea for a new product but can't build it, let me know, I'm interested in developing new things.