Below are some of the questions Cyberise is often asked and our answers to them. If after reading this page you still unsure of something, feel free to contact us through the link at the top of the page.


Q: Are your implants safe?

A: Yes. Or more fully, they are relatively safe. Any body modification has some risk, but we make sure our implants are as safe as possible. There is too much safety information to fit in this answer, so please see quality assurance page for full details.


Q: When will you have implantable magnets/credit cards/neural links available?

A:  We can't give any ETA for these future implants. We would really like to have them all and more available right now, but these devices are very complex and they invariably take longer than we plan. In the past we have given planned release dates, but often don't meet them, or worse, rush a new device out to meet a release date before it is fully ready. For these reasons we no longer give ETAs for new products, and follow the motto "it will be ready when it's ready". If you want to keep up to date with Cyberise, you can follow our twitter where we will post new products and other info.


Q: Do you ship to my country?

A: Almost certainly yes, we ship orders all over the world. For full shipping information, please see our shipping page.


Q: How do I use an implant to copy my work/school card?

A: Copying cards is a bit complicated, we have created a how-to-guide here.


Q: My implant just arrived, but I can't read it through the sterile package, is it broken?

A: No, most readers are unable to read the chip when it is in the metal injector needle because the metal blocks the signal. Cyberise uses a special high power reader to test chips while they are still in the needle. For more details on this testing see our quality assurance page.


Q: I just implanted my chip, but I can't read/write it, is it broken?

A: No. It is not uncommon for people to not immediately be able to write or sometimes read their chip after it is implanted. There are a few reason that can cause this. The most common reason is not knowing where exactly to place the reader, because of the tiny size of these chips, the read/write distance is very short, it is often necessary to get the reader very close to the chip for it to work, this can be hard to do when it has just been implanted, after a little practice it becomes much easier to place the reader correctly. Another possible issue is how deep the chip was implanted, it should be just below the skin, and easy to feel though the skin with your fingers, if it is implanted too deeply it may be very hard to read the chip. This issue is particularly common right after the chip is implanted because swelling can make it harder to read the chip, so if you can't read it right away, you should let it heal and try again once the swelling has healed. Finally, you should make sure you are using the right type of reader, e.g. the correct frequency and protocol for your implant. For more detailed information please see our guides page.


Q: My order didn't arrive/got lost in shipping!

A: Please contact us, hopefully we can track it down for you, but if not we will re-ship your order.

Q: Is there a warranty in case the product I bought stops working?

A: Yes, all standard implants come with a lifetime warranty, if the implant fails before your biological body breaks down, we will replace or refund it. This only covers standard use cases, e.g. if you re-program your implant with custom firmware and brick it, that's not our fault. However if for example the implant stops reading data after a couple of months, that's a problem with the implant and it will be covered by warranty. Some special cases are the Firefly implants, which have a known working life span, i.e. the light will slowly fade over decades, in that case the implant only comes with a 6 year warranty. Non implanted products, such as RFID readers only come with a 1 year warranty.


Q: Aren't implants the 'mark of the beast' from the bible?

A: This is not something we are personally worried about, but if it is a concern for you, just implant the chip somewhere else on your body, the bible states the mark of the beast is on the right hand or forehand.


Q: Can I be tracked by my implant?

A: No. RFID/NFC implants only work over very short distances, normally a few centimeters. Even with high power antennas they don't work much more than a meter.